Click play to show 10km River Dip course and elevation.

River Dip 10km Course

Starting on the Village Green just beside the WW1 Statue, head towards Timaru, past Railway Tce entrance and continue to the concrete culvert, which is on the grass opposite Morah, turning left. Follow Gray St around, passing Mackenzie St, then cross Talbot Rd. Still on Gray St, pass Argyll St until you come to the entrance of the Domain. Turn into the Domain, around the bottom end of the flying fox, past the back of the Ice-Skating Rink and head towards the River Track, turning right.

Down the River Track to O'Connors Lane [extension of Talbot Rd], turn left, head down towards the river.  Slight right, then left bend across the river, you will come to a farm track that will lead you into a paddock. Cross it to exit onto Tondros Rd.  Go straight into a farm lane, that will be clearly signposted veering left before coming into a paddock, you will turn right around a cone, and head towards some sheep yards. Far left corner you will go under a deer fence and turn right to follow the Deer lane down to the Deer shed. Exit the lane, turning right to come back out onto Tondros Rd. This will lead you back to a hard-right hand corner in the road, where you will turn left back into the paddock which you ran across earlier. Then it’s a case of following the river track back into the Domain. This time turn left into Gray St, cross to turn right into Talbot Rd, crossing so you can come onto the concrete path of the Village Green. Finish just behind the Amphitheatre big bump.