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2021 Merchandise from


All merchandise needs to be purchased online as there will no branded merchandise available on the day. Thermatech merchandise will be available direct to them. 

Mackenzie Half Marathon Performance Tee

TT01M Mens Tee Black.Red.jpg

Mens Tee - Black/Red


TT01K KidsTee Melon.Char.jpg

Kids Tee - Melon/Charcoal


TT01W Womens Tee Black.Red.jpg


Womens Tee - Black/Red

TT01K KidsTee Cobalt.Char.jpg

Kids Tee - Cobalt/Charcoal


Mackenzie Half Marathon Performance Singlet

TT08M Mens Singlet Red.Char.jpg

Men's Singlet - Red/Charcoal


TT08W Womens Singlet. Melon.Char.jpg

Women's Singlet - Melon/Charcoal


Mackenzie Half Marathon Long-sleeved Baselayer 170gsm

TU21M Mens LS Ultra Front Ink Marl.jpg

Men's Baselayer- Ink/Marl


TU21W Womens LS Ultra Front Mint.Ink.Mar

Women's Baselayer- Marl/Mint


Mackenzie Half Marathon Unisex and Kids Contrast Hoodie

3CFH-JB Hoodie Gunmetal.Aqua.jpg

Unisex and Kids Contrast Hoodie - Gunmetal/Aqua


Mackenzie Half Marathon Zip Pace Hoodie

SW635M Mens 14 Zip Hoodie Marl.Orange.jp

Men's Pace Hoodie - Marl/Orange


SW635L Womens 14 Zip Hoodie Marl.Orange.

Women's Pace Hoodie - Marl/Orange


Mackenzie Half Marathon Accessories

TT08U Cap Black.jpg

Cap - Black


TU26U Ultra Beanie Front Mint.jpg

Beanie - Mint/Black


TT29U Visor Black.jpg



TU26U Ultra Beanie Front Ink.jpg

Beanie - Ink/Black