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Hole in One 2.5km

Date: Saturday 20th July 2024
Distance: 2.5km
Start Time: 
- 12:45pm

Start/Finish Line: Fairlie Village Green
Race Briefing: 12:40pm
Additional Information: There are no drink stations on the 2.5km course. On this day there is an event for everyone! The 21.1km, 10km and 5.5km are timed to be finished before the 2.5km start so that everyone can support each other. Don't be that person that is left holding the bags or taking photos for others to put on social media showing off those great finishing medals to family and friends. If your partner or family is in another event, why not enter the 2.5km race and score yourself a medal of your own!
The 2.5km event is the only event suitable for pushchairs/strollers. Children under 5 are permitted to ride a balance bike (no pedals). However please be aware that roads are not closed for this event so parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring children's safety on the roads. 

Join in with the atmosphere

Enjoy your time after the race to cool down with a massage, enjoy the food vendors, dance to the music and join in with the community atmosphere!


2.5km (2).png

Click play to show 2.5km Hole in One course and elevation.


Hole in one 2.5km Course


Starting on the Village Green, just beside the WW1 Statue, head towards Timaru, past Railway Place entrance and continue to the concrete culvert, which is on the grass opposite Morah, turning left. Follow Gray St around on the right hand side, until you come to Mackenzie Street. Turn right, at the end of the street, you will have to cross over Talbot Road to the left hand side. Carrying on down the road a few metres, coming to a gap in the fence, head into the Golf Course and follow the left hand boundary that has had an Electric Fence tape lane formed. Follow the fence and tape around until you come out again onto Talbot Road. Crossing over to stay on the left hand side, continue back up Talbot Road, turning into the Village Green where you can raise your hand, excited you have just won yourself a Mackenzie Half Marathon Medal.

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